Gun Control and School Shootings

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Gun control is both a crime issue, as well as a safety issue. It can range from moderate to extreme. Gun control goes as back as the 17th century where Japan was using guns for war making as to current tragedies occurring in schools. Guns have never disappeared, they have only multiplied in numbers to numerous amount of guns, ranging from small to big. Gun control isn't only a problem but it can also be solution depending on how it is being used and the person using it. Gun control can be controlled with many methods but in the end it matters how the person is going to use the weaponry.
Today in the United States many people argue over the fact of guns being legal or illegal. There are people using guns for personal safety and there are others who use them for crimes, as well as for other situations. Firearm deaths in the United States have slowly been decreasing from year to year with all these bills getting passed to promote a safer country than ever before. Guns are the main weapon for youth suicide, school shootings, and for committing murder. In 2010 there were 2,711 infants, child, and teenage firearm deaths. As in school shootings and in committing murder, studies show shooters often had multiple, non-automatic guns, shootings were planned, most youth tell before shooting, shooters have a history of being bullied or threatened, shooters have mental issues, and shooters have done suicidal gestures before (Gun Control with School Shootings). Although there are people who use guns for murdering, there are also those who oppose guns being used without the proper requirements. 85% of all respondents to the survey supporting requiring states to report people to national background-checks systems who are prohibited from owning gu...

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...another. There are many organizations that are helping the situation with gun control. For example, The Brady Campaign helps with the federal assault weapons ban, another one is The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence which seeks to free the nation from gun violence through policy advocacy, research and strategic engagement. Although there are many more organizations, campaigns, clubs, it only matters if the public is contributing to help these organizations in making a difference.
Gun control is a topic of tolerance as well as intolerance, depending on the person’s point of view. We can try to push people towards a brighter future in which guns are carefully watched and handed for. Although we can't change everyone's mind we can better educate them on the dangers as well as the bright side of a gun. Someone who wants to do bad will, criminals do the killing not the gun.

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