Video Games: Beyond Entertainment and Into Education

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Video games are not always just for entertainment or to have fun, sometimes they can be of educational value toward many things or help develop your personality, most of the time people play games for more than just fun but to learn new ways to do some things in real life. Video games can give you educational value, letting you learn new things easily allowing you to work at your own pace while be educated and not notice it. There are even some games made for toddlers that will help their brains develop like 1LeapFrog a company built around educational games for children. Video games primarily are used for a time burner, something that will allow you to forget reality or let you relax as a reward. Many of the time people use video games to forget the real world and adventure on quest of amazing tales, or allow you to relax to a soothing game of 2Civilization Revolution as a reward of a hard day’s …show more content…

Whether you are attempting to buy a car, or be prepared for the worst events to come video games can help you in some way. Video games take you from a camera’s point of view and allow you to enter the game in which you can dance, have a workout, take a jog, or play sports with a family member or friend. One well-known game from 1998, 6Dance Dance Revolution made by Konami; a game that is very well known by many people as a sensation in which you step onto a platform with arrows on them, on screen would be arrows and as you matched the arrows to the music you would feel as if you were dancing. Video games that usually involve you to think will usually help you in some way; maybe you want to take supplies to survive the environmental disaster that just happened, or maybe decide if you want one thing or the other, you will put more thought into the outcome rather thinking of the now

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that video games are mindless entertainment, while others make you think about your decisions and be tactical, and these traits can be used in your life.
  • Suggests that schools should promote video games like 3minecraft where the student can create a piece of art using different means.
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