Informative Essay On Video Games

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Background Video games are electronic sports which involves user interface and user interactivity. They generate a visual response which helps to provide excitement and entertainment. Video games are played on computers, televisions, or any kind of device with a display screen. People play video games for fun and also because some games are more productive and useful. With growth in technology video games have become very popular in children. Those games can be informative and a brain-builder for children but at the same time it may be so violent that they not only become the reason for the children to be destructive but also vigorously increase anti-social behavior. Problem Statement Children are growing humans between who needs to be under adult supervision, all the time if possible. They learn as they grow and as…show more content…
They get attached so easily with the video games that they don 't realize their ability to concentrate in the studies is diminishing day by day. According to By Rebecca Hagelin (2013) children who played violent video games are involved in active shootings at school and other public places. "The impact of playing violent video games has drawn heightened scrutiny since the massacre in Newtown, Conn. Shooter Adam Lanza, troubled by mental health issues and his parents ' divorce, reportedly also played violent video games daily, for hours on end" (Rebecca Hagelin, 2013, p. 5). According to Anderson and Bushman (2001) lack of parental oversight has become the primary issue on children grabbing their attention more towards violent video games than studying for their test. As the researchers analyze the statistics most of the parents are irresponsible towards their children who are willing to purchase video games and children being more careless and making a habit of playing violent video
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