Video Games A Positive Resource Essay

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Video Game a Positive Resource “The objective of video games are to entertain people by surprising them with new experience” (Shigeru Miyamoto).Video games have been a leisure activity for many people around the world but for some people it has become a way of life. Video games help us escape everyday life and bring us to a land of imagination. That is why many people play video games because it is a great way to relieve stress. Video games have many benefits than just being fun. Not only are video games shown to have positive effects on the individual if used in the right manner, but it also helps to connect people with common interest; bring a sense of community. It is also a resourceful way to find a career path. The components Video games have been an activity for people to come together and do something they enjoy. It similar to when people come together to watch football, they bond over the game and their favorite teams, the same goes for when people are playing video games. Video games have now become a social event and people are starting to play in groups and pairs. Henry Jenkins stated that “sixty of frequent gamers plays with friends, thirty five percent play with sibling, and twenty five percent play with spouse and parents “(Jenkins, 451).Video games have become a middle ground for people to come together and enjoy each others company. In our society today video games have brought people together through the internet. Gaming community has developed on chat sites,YouTube, and even Facebook. People are not limited to the place they live, they can meet and connect to people all around the world. One of my friend 's older brother is really into video games and usually plays with people all over the world. By making those connections with people through video games he made a new friend , and went to visit him in London last year. This demonstrates that people use video games to gain friendship and be more social. Video games can help us to to build relationship with people that we might not have developed if not for common interest of games. Video games does a very effective job of bring people together that have the same interest,and giving them a sense of

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that video games have become a social event and people are starting to play in groups and pairs.
  • Explains that video games help young adults improve their overall confidence with solving everyday problems. video games are built on the concept that there is a problem and that gamer has to find the solution.
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