Personal Statement: My Career In The Nursing Field

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I don’t believe I can pinpoint the exact moment that I became interested in the nursing field but I can remember that as a kid I was always happy when my grandfather 's nurse would come over to care for his wounds. I remember being happy when she came around because I knew she was taking care of my grandpa and she was going to make him feel better. I believe this is the reason why I didn’t grow up fearing the doctor’s office, instead I grew up associating the doctor’s office as a place that made people feel better. Today, I want to be that same inspiration to a young child but most of all I want to be the one that not only participates in the patient’s care to make them feel better, but the one that places the families in a state of ease when caring for their ill.…show more content…
More recently I was given the opportunity to start working closely with the Clinical Director of Inflammatory Bowel Disease at Stanford. Working with these patients is a whole new and exciting world to me. I truly enjoy being part of their healthcare team because it allows me to be able to enhance the lives of many who are in great need. It is incredibly rewarding to see many patients responding well to treatment. However, it is exceptionally frustrating to me that although treatment can alleviate their symptoms and even place them in remission, IBD is an idiopathic disease with no cure. My greatest aspiration as a nurse, and eventually as an Advance Practice Nurse would be able to contribute to research by being able to find a cure for

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