Nursing: The Importance Of Caring In Nursing

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Nursing is a science and an art (Appleton, 1993). To become a nurse one must gain scientific knowledge and understanding of the human body in order to care for their patients; this is done in the classroom. More importantly though a nurse must possess the ability to care, so they can provide top care for their patients. Clinical settings allow this learning to happen as one gets to experience how important a caring partnership between the patient and nurse is (Finfgeld-Connentt, 2008). A nurse needs to have the ability to skillfully and morally take a course of action to care for their patient, while intertwining a sensitive and intimate connection with them (Finfgeld-Connett, 2008). When this is achieved both the patient and nurse will feel…show more content…
Nurses should possess all of these behaviors and more when working with a patient, therefore caring in nursing practice is a top priority. As a nurse, one should be focused on the patient and helping them reach a level of harmony, they cannot be treated as objects (Arslan-Ozkan, 2013). The patient is the central factor in caring, and should be treated with integrity. A holistic, humanistic view of treating the patient should be taken (Appleton, 1993). Forming an intimate and mutually respectful relationship with your patient will put them at ease and allow you to provide them with the best care. There is an art to caring that should be applied to nursing where one uses scientific knowledge and their values as a caring human and accommodates care to meet a patients needs (Finfgeld-Connett,…show more content…
The nurse can now empathize with the patient and gain an understanding of their experience; enabling the nurse to individualize a care plan for their patient (Appleton, 1993). With trust in the nurse the patient believes the nurse has their best interest at heart and will be open to information they are given. Also the nurse believes in the patient and that they will take the information given and commit to making him or herself better (Appleton, 1993). In order for the patient-nurse relationship to reach this level the nurse must put in the time to get to know the patient and give their best when they are with the patient (Appleton, 1993). This shows the patient that as a nurse you truly care for their
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