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The Practicum Experience: Healthcare in the Southern Ohio Hills Healthcare is like other avenues of business and life, it is constantly changing. At the turn of the 19th century, food and occupations were different than they are today. Like the changes in food and other occupations, healthcare is no different. We also would not want it to be. If the country remained struggling with the same challenges of 1899, then we would not have progressed as a medical society. As healthcare changes we all have to change. Change in our ways, tactics, thinking, and structure of the healthcare market. According to Merriam-Webster (2014) the maintaining and restoration of health by the prevention and treatment of diseases, mainly by trained professionals is healthcare (Merriam-Webster, 2014). Healthcare Background Healthcare is intriguing. The health and wellness of people always has been intriguing and always will be. My background in healthcare came as an environmental pass down with a father as a Registered Nurse and a mother in healthcare management. It was inevitable that the journey of healthcare started being instilled without my knowledge of it, as a young child. A constant learning in the health sciences and management directed my way. By the start of college, the intrigue lead to compassion, lighting a fire for the administration of healthcare. This calling spurred by a great woman, my mother, who is a national redesign award winner by the Bureau of Primary Healthcare in Health Disparities. These footsteps down her similar path with careful guidance, but not to be confused with an easy path. The WinMed Experience The collegiate path of Health Management Practicum BUHE 3890 led to Winton Hills Medical & Health Cent... ... middle of paper ... ... and decreasing cost to Medicare in FQHC’s. This demonstration is occurring across the nation at 500 FQHC’s. These FQHC’s are receiving financial support and technical assistance to accomplish the goals of improving care while holding down cost (Medicare Federally Qualified Health Center Advanced Primary Care Practice Demonstration, 2012). WinMed Maintenance/Housekeeping A walk through demonstration and rationale discussion completed the WinMed experience. Learning about emergency lighting, testing of emergency lighting, fire extinguishers use/deployment/charge monitoring, sprinkler systems with backflow prevention valve, smoke detector yearly cleaning, cleaning of general areas including bathrooms, trash pickup and disposal, biohazard disposal, sharp containers, standard precautions, and biohazard facility pick up opened my eyes wide to a whole new world.
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