Essay On Healthcare Administration

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Envisioning My Profession Healthcare administration provides leadership and managemnt to health care systems, hospitals, and private or public health systems. There are requirements for most professions in the health industry but with the proper education and certification, most entry-level careers are attainable. Healthcare administrators are leaders so one must be able to handle the responsibility of the job. There are characteristics that can be associated with being a health care administrator. I have learned over the course of the past few weeks that this the career path that I would like to follow and have set a few goals to help promote my career growth. My research has helped me learn many aspects of this profession and what it takes…show more content…
People that are interested in this line of work like activities that include leading, making decisions, and business. They have integrity, have leadership qualities, are able to take initiative, and are dependable people that can handle a high stress level. I learned from my results that I am more of social person and the interest profile would recommend me doing something that helps people or being of service to people, which I feel that I am able to do in this profession. I also was ranked highly in enterprising which means that I like persuading and leading people which I think is a great asset as well for being able to run a major facility and work with many different people this seems like these would be essential traits for this position. Further research has lead me to find a few more ideal characteristics to have. One being able to communicate clearly and respectfully with patients, customers, industry leaders, and hospital workers. Second, leadership is important. A healthcare administrator needs to have the ability to create a shared vision for and inspire the entire work staff/team. You also have to have a good knowledge of healthcare. Someone that is able to stay on top of healthcare system policies, the latest innovations in healthcare technology, and the ever changing political landscape of the industry. (,
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