Physician Assistant Personal Statement Essay

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I am interested in pursuing the Physician Assistant (PA) degree because of my experiences both within the medical field and as a patient. These experiences have led me to believe that a team approach to patient-centered medicine provides the best and most comprehensive care possible. Further, the PA profession offers me the opportunity to continue my lifelong passion of helping others, giving back to my community, and provides me with further opportunities to teach. During my sophomore year of high school a couple of my peers and I were asked if we wanted to learn about HIV and AIDS and teach our classmates. My answer was a resounding yes. After attending classes several evenings a week and on the weekends for a few months at the florescent …show more content…

We tried sending her packages but they never reached her. In order to provide basic educational supplies, I needed to pack my bags and go there. During this trip I contracted a parasite, which lead me to experiences as a patient in the hospital for a couple weeks. Until this point in my life had never felt completely helpless, powerless and disabled. Teams of health care workers came to my rescue. The ensuing illness and recovery left me with indelible memories of the compassion, empathy, and hard work of the numerous kind faced providers. I was left feeling that my care and recovery was enhanced by the team centered approach and this experience, combined with my academic interests, and passion for community service set me firmly on the path of pursuing a career in health care. After receiving my BS degree in Biology, I was accepted to medical school and maintained a 4.0 GPA, despite that, I withdrew from the program and began exploring the possibilities of becoming a PA. This research led me to the conclusion that the PA-doctor team approach to medicine is best for communities, both because it provides a higher quality of care and because it allows a larger population to be treated during our current physician

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