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Ever since my childhood, I have found the topics dealing with computers and its applications highly interesting because of the unique properties they offer for almost any application we can think of. The extraordinary developments in this field, both in the hardware and in the software area, along with the rapid advances of communication technology as one of the most applied technologies in the modern world have stimulated my interest in both fields. Therefore I believe that joining the undergraduate degree on Computer, Networking and Communications Technology will help me have a systemic knowledge of the field and, thus, achieve one of the greatest dreams of my life.

I believe my years at high school have prepared me with the basic skills needed in pursing such degree. In my high school years, I chose to study science subjects, preparing me with the basic prerequisites skills needed in pursuing a degree in the field of computer, networking and communication, such as a basic knowledge of mathematics and physics. In addition, during my high school years, out of personal curiosity and interest, I have familiarized myself with some programming languages like C, C++ in Linux environment, and JAVA by reading about these programming languages from books and internet websites. Moreover, a six-month Course of a Computer Operator in the year 2006 helped me master Computer Concepts, Windows Operating Systems, MS Office Tools, MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and FoxPro.

To pursue my dreams further, I came to England three years ago. I spent the first year learning English language. After that, I did my Foundation year in Engineering to prepare me to this particular degree in Computer, Networking and Communications Technology.


... middle of paper ... this year a presentation about Keysonic ACK-540 BT wireless keyboard which was very interesting because it is the first time for me to do a research about product, a product that I do not know anything about it, but we managed to get some usefully information to use it in our presentation, which was went very well.

I learned so much this year, starting from the basics; I improved myself in academic writing, how to write a reports, how to be active in groups, I learned some research method and finishing with knowledge about my subject.

It is true I have some problems at the beginning of my course that effect me and my group, but we worked hard and thanks to our tutor who helped us a lot we managed to reach this point of my progress and I am thankfully and proud. I know I have to work hard and study and focus about what is important priority to achieve my goals.
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