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My perseverance has prepared me for a career in medicine. The path towards becoming a physician can be long and challenging, necessitating the ability to endure. My ability to bounce back from setbacks and mistakes has solidified throughout my journey. One of the cornerstone experiences of my personal development occurred during high school. My determination led to me my graduating as valedictorian of my class, while balancing three varsity sports and several extracurricular activities. In addition, I worked on weekends to help support my family financially. This persistence resulted in scholarship awards that made higher education a possibility. Another example of my perseverance can be seen in my undergraduate grade trend. My first semester …show more content…

When I approached graduation I was faced with an important challenge: go directly to medical school or postpone in order to help support my family financially. Family is a very important part of who I am, so I chose to use the situation as a fortunate opportunity instead of a delay to my own plans. I worked in an intense, competitive, team-based environment for the next three and half years during which I grew professionally and personally. I learned project management, how to work on and manage a team, and organizational behavior skills. I managed a team of analysts, and numerous cross-functional partners which gave me extensive experience in real-world leadership involving maturity, critical thinking, decision-making, training, feedback delivery, and …show more content…

The program united my interest in healthcare and public health coupled with cultivating leadership and management skills. I have gained a broad exposure to the core public health disciplines, a macro-level understanding of the health care system, and honed my professional skills in direct application towards healthcare delivery. Ultimately, I aspire to practice at an urban hospital, and to have a leadership role where I can leverage my experiences and perspective to influence hospital initiatives to help underserved

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