Study in Electronics and Communications Engineering

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At the dawn of the information age, to be young, as Wordsworth said in another context, is very heaven. Getting to know what goes inside computers, the engines of the Information Technology revolution, and knowing how to work with them enables one to understand the technology that makes it all possible. Understanding this, I chose to do my undergraduate study in Electronics and Communications engineering. Prior to that, I had a fairly normal educational career. I did well through my high school and worked hard to get undergraduate admission in the field of my interest in one of the most reputed engineering colleges in my state, SNIST, JNT University. It was pure joy to learn how the Boolean logic makes computers work. I enjoyed studying computer architecture and particularly enjoyed studying about microprocessors. I also liked programming in Java. I used to spend hours in the lab, trying out all the programs I could write for fictitious problems. I enjoyed reading books on my favorite subjects for reading and gaining knowledge sake, but when I had to undergo the regime ...

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