Personal Narrative: What I Learned In My English Class

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At the beginning of the semester it had been over six years since I had been in an English class, So naturally filled with panic and discomfort with the subject I began the class with low personal expectations. However putting forth my best effort I attempted to take everything presented to me in stride. Things that were problems to begin with were Grammar, Sounding arrogant, according to a pretest, and staying on the subject during a paper. Things that sparked my interest are peer reviews and using the meal plan. With those things being said I’d like to go into further detail about how I’ve felt about my time spent and performance. During this semester I showed up as often as I could out of fear of falling behind. I also never stopped trying to retain the information that was presented. My intentions for further English classes are to show up even more because falling two or three days behind were detrimental. Personally I showed myself that I’ve got a pretty solid work ethic and that is something that should be retained for all my future classes. …show more content…

The concept was completely foreign to begin with, however after extended amounts of work at it the style eventually began to make sense. The style consists of each paragraph starting with a main idea. This gives your paragraphs something to be based on. The next subsection of meal plan is the E which is the examples and evidence to support your main topics claim. The evidence and examples also provide logic and purpose about what is being said. The A section of meal plan stands for analysis, to do this you have to describe what the evidence and examples actually mean or why they are that specific way. After all of that you finally have the L which links it all back together and reaffirms your main

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