Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Reading And Writing

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Eight years ago, running around in every house’s front yard in a small village was a girl who would never think of speaking another language or yet living in a different country. As I grew older I was slowly being introduced to the English language. From movies to music to school is where it all began. This long and strenuous journey to learn how to read and write still continues to this very moment as I learn from my mistakes.
The earliest memory I have been learning how to read and write is from my parents and my church that held pre-school classes. No matter where the classes were held- whether it was at church or under the mango trees, I was always excited to go to class. I'd carry my own tiny red chair and table, then place it in front of the board. Though I did not grow up or had an access to chapter books, I remember enjoying reading these set of science books that my parents purchased. I was always fascinated about the Earth and learning different facts relating to astronomy and geology. …show more content…

My teacher in elementary school would always read us a story book after lunchtime and I never understood the stories. It was mainly because there were words in the book that I was not familiar with. I had to start reading in an entry level later than everyone else. A year or two years later I realized that even I, who did not grow up speaking English, had to help a classmate with their reading and writing. Several more years later I found myself sitting in an honors English class which I never pictured myself

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