Personal Narrative: A Hard Learning Experience In My Writing

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Learning to read and write is something we all have experienced. Some experiences being difficult than others. As a kid, I can remember trying to read the daily newspapers, different types of magazines, books, and addresses on mail; basically, I tried reading anything that had words on it. My favorite thing to read were the back of cereal boxes. Nothing made me more excited than sitting at my white and pink Barbie table and chair set eating cereal while eyeballing the back of a cereal box. Only being able to correctly read one or two words, it was the first time I really felt accomplished. My most difficult learning experience was beginning to learn to write. Thrilled to learn to write. not knowing I was about to encounter a rude awakening. I was beyond excited to write so I could write things like what I wanted Christmas and write letters to people. Sitting Indian style on my living room …show more content…

In high school, writing changed dramatically. Getting praised for my good writing in middle school; now my writing was getting criticized and from my teacher's point view my writing skills weren't were they suppose to be. Hardly ever being glad to free write, I was given topics that seemed to get difficult each time I was given one. I now had to give my open on certain topics, analyze articles, provide in an argument telling why I do or don't support a certain topic. I often had difficulties writing down what I had in mind. It's like I wouldn't know how to make everything flow together. After having to write so many essays, writing became my way of coping with life problems. Writing about my problems in my free time made me a better writer, also. Throughout high school, I wrote tons of journals and short stories about things going on in my life. I still wouldn't consider myself a great writer but writing a lot in high school did impact my life in a positive way and improved my

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