My Experience Essay: An Interesting And Learning Experience

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This fall semester of 2014 has been an interesting and learning experience for myself. I haven’t attend school in nearly a decade and was unsure of what to expect from my teachers and myself. I would have to say being in Professor Dybala’s English 1302 to start my school day is interesting. She is an energetic professor and I’m able to feel her passion for teaching and that motivate me to try my best in her class as the rest of my classes. I was driven to do the best of my ability and whatever the outcome might be, I know I did my best. The first graded essay that was assigned to us were to choose between two stories “Hills like White Elephant” by Ernest Hemingway and “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin and interpret the story in our own…show more content…
I choose to do a research on “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin even though the story was long in itself to me. I found the characters were very interesting with different depths of emotions and that’s what intrigued me to choose this short story. At the beginning of this research, I was uncertain of what I wanted the thesis to be. I decided I wanted to focus on how the author portrays the narrator and Sonny as brothers, individually affected their lives being born African American. The narrator stated that their mother said “You got to hold on to your brother and don’t let him fall, no matter what it looks like is happening and no matter how evil you gets with him” (258). This quote could have many meaning to the narrator, I refuted that he could be doing all this out of the guilt of not keeping his promise to his mother. I believe it isn’t about his guilt but more of the neglect of the life he chose to leave behind until the death of his daughter changed all…show more content…
We were able to text and call one or two others the night before to discuss about the scenes we would be presenting in class. Johnathon talked to Juno and gave me some input. Johnathon also text Jasmine to asked if she were able to meet us the next morning to review and prepare one last time before class. Julius wasn’t aware the presentation was due but when it was time to present he was well prepared on his part. Jasmine couldn’t make it before class for the meeting because she had car trouble but just like Julius, she was also well prepared. I’m sad that Juno weren’t able to make to class in time to do the presentation with the rest of the group, but he was able to share some insight with Jonathon to contribute to the group. I believe Johnathon was a big help in this presentation. He took the initiative to connect the rest of the group when no one respond on the forum. We were able to text each other and accomplish a good presentation for the class. I’ve learn that not every classmate will put out as much effort as you would but you just have to try your best to get the best out of each out of your

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