Personal Narrative: A Concert In Honor Of Mexico's Independence

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It was the 5th of May and it was a concert in honor of Mexico's independence. It was all free and sponsered by channel 23, montero beer, GM motors, and other big companies. It was a beautiful day to be outside, and the stage was huge. By 3 o clock when I arrived it was packed, and people kept coming in more and more every hour. I managed to get to the front, which wasnt an easy task when you have people pushing and shoving. When I arrived to the front I noticed all of the different musical instruments that where on the stage. It was such a weird variety of instruments ranging from the acordian, clarinets, drums, all types of guitars, trumpets, a tuba, a saxophone, and other instruments. The concert started off con las mananitas, which is singing the happy birthday to Mexico for its independence. It has a very high pitch because the song has was played by a mariachi. The singer took a deep breath and as he …show more content…

Ranging from bands with just a bass guitar, a acordian and drums to bands thats had much more. Their instruments ranged from a whole section of trumpets, trombones, a big tuba, snare drums. The first group had about five musicians while the second group had a total of fifteen. You could tell the difference in the power of their instruments. The first group played slow romantic songs with mellow tones and low pitches. The second group played more vivid songs with outgoing tones and high pitches. The first group got the crowd going , but no where near as the second group. The second group made everyone get up and dance. I think because they where more, and engaged more with the public than the first group. After the two groups went back and fourth for a couple of hours it was finally time to say goodbye. The dallas council did the famous grito en honor of Mexico's idependence hitting the bell 3 times to announce our independence. It was an amazing experience to be able to be part of such

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