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Narrative writing is a genre of writing that all students use at some point in school, whether it’s elementary, high school, or college. With Narrative writing I’m sure people have different views than I do and might not enjoy it as well as I. But I’m sure there are others that enjoy it the same if not more than me. This form of writing can be a chance to escape from reality and have fun with your writing. Narrative writing can consist of many different stories from created ones to real life experiences, such as a story starting out true but ending with a twist.
Definition of Narrative Writing The definition of Narrative is a chain of related events presented to the readers in a story in chronological order. The story is told by a writer
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Such as persuasive writing consist of trying to persuade someone to believe in something that you believe in, or change their point of view. Persuasive writing can be seen in advertisements, movie reviews, letters, and most common persuasive essays. Also another form is expository writing, this is when one writes an autobiography, gives directions, or writes a reports. Narrative unlike persuasive and expository is a type of writing that is not always true, but can be. Whereas these other types of writing use facts to make up the pieces of writing and are extremely descriptive. Kate Prudchenko tells the difference between persuasive and…show more content…
The purpose of a narrative passage is to tell a specific story, while the purpose of a persuasive passage is to make an argument about a particular topic. (Prudchenko)
This is just a few different forms of writing and as you can see narrative is quite different than others.
Different Forms of Narrative Writing As time has shown there are many different forms of narrative writing. The most common is fantasy, which is about forged characters and forged settings that wouldn’t actually happen in real life. There’s Historical fiction, which is about real characters, but the story has been stretched past the truth and there are now some added false details to entertain the reader. Another and probably my favorite is Myths. Myths are fiction stories from very old times that tell stories trying to explain why things are the way they are. Such as the stories of Zeus and Hercules, these stories can relate to real life events.
Steps to Narrative Writing First, you must have a topic just like any other piece of writing. It helps if you can come up with lots of ideas, jotting them down and coming back to them later. You must also remember that narrative writing consist of settings and characters to make a good

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