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The concert was on March 13, 2014 at 12:30 pm the performers were Lisa Fujita, Brendan O’Donnell, Daniel Mitnitsky, Yannick Rafalimanana they performed five different Piano Quartet pieces. The first was a Piano Quartet No. 1 in C Minor, Op. 15 it was Allegro Molto Moderato, the next was III. Adagio and both of these pieces were written by Gabriel Faure. The next was a Piano Quartet in E-Flat Major, Op.47, called Sostenuto assai- Allegro ma non troppo this was written by Robert Schumann. Lastly there is the Piano Quartet in G-minor, K.493, I. Allegro, III. Allegretto and these two pieces were by W. A. Mozart. This was not the exact order and they did change a few thing like the way things would be played and they change the Quartet from E-Flat major to G-Minor because they said that it was difficult to play. By playing different types of music they offered us diverse experience. I really enjoyed the entire performance. Each of the Performers played a different instrument. Lisa Fujita played the violin, Brendan played the viola, Daniel played the cello and Yannick played the piano. Each of them played a very important role. Each of the performers looked calm and as if they knew what they were doing, they were dressed very formally but the audience was not dressed as formally due to the fact that it was during the school day and the event wasn’t a black tie event.

The first piece that was played was the piano quartet by Mozart called allegro in G-minor. During the music I notice a lot of mimicking going on between the strings. It was rather enjoyable. The tempo of the piece was allegro because it was fast, quick. The meter of this piece was fast 4 beats per meter like you said .The beginning of the piece had some dark moment. But ...

... middle of paper ... a little more boring but I was gladly shocked that it was actually not boring. When the performers were asked question about what type of music they like. Brendan said that he like Faure & Schumann. Daniel said he prefers chain music, and Mozart was difficult for him. Lisa said that she like romantic music and dark music also. Lastly Yannick could not give a definite answer he said that he likes all music. That also talk about how it is working without a conductor, they said that there has to be sacrifices made and that they had to make it work. They also said that even if they didn’t like a piece they would work at it until they like it and go to know it better. The advice I would give someone going to watch this concert would be to make sure that you are paying attention and not sleeping of sitting on your phone because you will miss things that are important.
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