Concert at Flordia State University

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The concert I attended was a Junior piano recital held at The Florida State University College of Music in the Dohnanyi Recital Hall. The pianist was Kaisar Anvar. The pieces performed were:
Frederic Chopin- Fantasy in F minor, Op. 49

Ludwig van Beethoven- Piano Sonata in G Major, Op. 31, No. 1
I. Allegro vivace
II. Adagio grazioso
III. Rondo Allegretto

Sergei Rachmaninoff- Two Etude Tableu, Op. 33
I. No. 3 in C minor
II. No. 7 in E flat Major

Isaac Albeniz- Triana

The venue was a small amphitheatre with wood paneled walls and a wooden stage with the piano situated in the middle. The chairs were covered in blue fabric. I would estimate that the venue was about one-third full, and the crowd consisted primarily of college students (although I did see two senior-aged individuals in attendance, as well). It appeared that attending the event was a requirement for a specific class, although I did not ask anyone about this directly. There was a young man sitting outside handing out some sort of attendance slips. Everyone was dressed quite casually, with jeans and tee shirts being the norm among the male population, especially. Before the performance began, the venue was very brightly lit and it was quite noisy. When the performer stepped out onstage, I was very surprised that several of the audience members were whistling and hooting, since I had read that that was improper decorum. Once Mr. Anvar took his seat and the lights went down, the crowd went silent. Between performances the crowd generally applauded, but there were always a handful of people yelling out, as well.
The pianist was dressed formally, in a grey suit and presented himself in a very professional manner, which seemed a bit strange when juxtaposed w...

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...he scales in this composition. As for timbre, at the lower register, the song took on a dark, rich, tone, and at the high points it had more of a tinkling melody. The “upbeat” parts made me think of a happy couple strolling through the fair on a summer afternoon.
About Frederic Chopin (1810-1849):
Chopin was a piano instructor and composer of the Romantic Period. His body of work consists primarily of piano music. Born and classically trained in Poland, he left his homeland due to declining political conditions and moved to Paris, where he moved through the ranks and gained the respect of many other composers of the day. He had a famous relationship with the novelist George Sand, although the exact nature of the relationship is a bit unclear. He suffered from Tuberculosis and died at the young age of 39, not unlike so many other composers of this period.

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