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Cinco de Mayo, also known as the Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla, is a national holiday in Mexico that commemorates the 1862 Mexican victory over the French forces of Napoleon III in Puebla, Mexico. This holiday, celebrated on the fifth of May, has deep roots in Mexican culture, but in American-Mexican culture as well. Cinco de Mayo serves as a proud reminder of an unlikely victory, as well as a day to express and cherish Mexican pride and heritage. After suffering from numerous wars, including the Mexican-American war and the Mexican civil war of 1858, the 19th century country of Mexico was nearly reduced to bankruptcy and impoverishment. This left the country unable to pay back the many foreign debts that had accumulated over the years, and as a result, gave way to the invasion of English, Spanish, and French troops into Mexico. Within a year, English and Spanish troops withdrew after civil negotiations, but Napoleon III of France decided to take this opportunity to establish a Latin empire that would further progress the nation’s tyrannical regime. By late 1861, a well-armed French fleet stormed the port city of Veracruz, landing a large French force that drove the Mexicans into retreat. Moving on to the capital of Mexico City, the French sought to obliterate any Mexican resistance, taking over Mexico City and thus the country. Upon getting to the small town of Puebla, however, the well-armed, well-trained French soldiery encountered heavy resistance. The 8,000 strong French army attacked the smaller, poorly trained Mexican army of 4,500. Although the odds appeared to be stacked against the inadequately prepared Mexican army, the Mexicans prevailed on May 5th, 1862. Known as “the premier army of the world” at the tim... ... middle of paper ... ...can descent. School children also often get a chance to try their hands at creating basic Mexican cuisine. In some area of the southwest, particularly in the city of Los Angeles, celebrations of regional mexican dancing and music are held. However, regardless of the area of celebration, one could almost certainly find mariachi band filled restaurants, outdoor festivities, and social gathering with large amounts of Dos Equis and Corona beer for the adults. Cinco de Mayo has evolved into a day that focuses on celebrating Mexican heritage and the Mexican way of life, but still pays homage to the battle that gave way to Mexico’s independence. Whether one is dancing in a large parade, or simply bonding with loved ones, it is important to always recognize the true purpose of Cinco de Mayo, and to recall and thank those who helped secure Mexico’s freedom so many years ago.

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  • Explains that cinco de mayo is a national holiday in mexico that commemorates the 1862 mexican victory over the french forces of napoleon iii in puebla, mexico.
  • Explains how the mexican-american war and mexican civil war left the country unable to pay back foreign debts. napoleon iii of france established a latin empire that would further progress the nation’s tyrannical regime.
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