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A global network of interconnected computers enables people to share information in multiple ways. After becoming introduced to the public, the internet’s way of living began to take over how many people interact with each other and has become a part of everyday life. What people do not know is that, internet security is not as secure as believed; personal information on the internet is permanent and can leave people vulnerable to technology scams and predators. “Internet privacy” an online article, Wikipedia gives an example “posting things on the internet can be harmful to individuals. The information posted on the internet is Permanent. This includes comments written on blogs, pictures, and internet sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.” The internet allows people to send information from any location to share data and files. Several people around the world use the internet to transfer important personal information such as credit card numbers and passwords. Online predators try to attain vulnerable information on the internet so it can be used to gain access to citizen’s bank accounts or other personal information. People need to understand the dangers of freely placing large amounts of personal information on the internet through web sites such as Facebook, which basically gives out most of a person’s information on one site alone. What most people do not understand is that, once information is placed on the web it will virtually exist forever; there will always be a way that the government will be able to track this information. People need to understand the ways that they can better protect their personal information. Several vulnerabilities come with using online sites, understanding that fact and learning how to protect pe...

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...f ever necessary. Today many people are not aware of the online dangers that exist, people placing out numerous amounts of personal information to various sites, needs to become an area of interest, so that corrections to this mindset can be enforced. Over the years there have been a rise in technology, new websites are being created that enable individuals to create accounts that contains a variety of personal information, which leaves people vulnerable to scams and predators. Learning how scams work may enable individuals to learn how to avoid them. Learning to use alternatives to online sites and staying careful when browsing online is a very important strategy to keeping private information protected online. Driving to the bank, interacting in person, and learning how to use privacy settings are extra precautions that can be made by individuals to stay safe.

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