Internet Security and Confidentiality

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Table of contents:

Aims: 2

Methodology: 3

Findings 4

Internet Security and Confidentiality: 4

User authentication: 4

Anti-virus protection: 4

Encryption: 5

Fire walls: 5

The range of service offered by ISPs: 6

The cost of the different packages: 6

Functionality: 6

Capacity: 6

Internet Connection and Access Methods: 7

Three broadband packages: 9

Vodafone simply broadband: 10

Unlimited 70Mb & Talk (Anytime) 10

Recommendation: 11

Conclusion: 12

Bibliography: 13


My aims are to require my evidence that will show me to understand of broad range of my learning outcomes in my project brief.

I will have to show the use of the software browser package. I will do my research using search engines to find out about:

• Security and confidentiality on the Internet

• Range of services are offered by ISPs

• Methods of the Internet connection for home and business users

• Based on my analysis of the findings, I will recommend the methods of connecting to Internet.

I will produce a report of the findings including the details of my Methodology, findings and URLs of websites used in the bibliography.


For this research, I used primary and secondary sources to carry out my report for this information.

Then I asked used primary sources to ask people, shops about the broadband packages, in the meanwhile, when I was asking about broadband packages, I used secondary sources to look up more website on broadband packages.

My secondary research was some websites on where I got my information, also I listed the websites.

The internet can sometimes be wrong, so don’t believe in everything, but most of the time the internet is the best method of researching but you will have to be careful wit...

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