Lack of Internet Security and Privacy

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Internet privacy and security has become the concern of many individuals throughout recent years. There are a very limited amount of laws that have been enacted to combat computer or cyber related crimes. This has become an issue because as the internet grows increasingly popular so does the criminal and immoral behavior that abounds on it. With these crimes gaining in impact, effectiveness, and frequency, there needs to be more repercussions for these crimes. The United States government needs to increase restrictions on the amount and type of data on individuals from the internet, to prevent the government from invading privacy of citizens and to prevent companies from storing browser histories of individuals, to then sell that information to ad agencies and other companies.

As aforementioned, in recent years the internet has increased popularity and with that comes some concerns in laws regarding the cloud. Few laws have been created to protect the users of the internet from non consensual use of personal information. “Usually the only legal precedents restricting a company is its own privacy policy but most companies give you a sense of protection without any legality behind it,”(2013, CQ Researcher, Big data and privacy). This is a problem because with no laws or policies protecting the private internet user companies will be able to do what they want with the information and nothing will stop them.

A major reason the U.S. needs to increase restrictions on the type and amount of data collected on individuals from the internet is due to the fact that the United States government can track communications and browsing histories of private citizens without warrant or cause. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, ...

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... posts from their college years, this may affect if that individual gets hired or not. As can be seen, the need for these restrictions and legal repercussions are needed for the individual internet user.

As can be seen, from the information presented, the need for laws and restrictions concerning internet data collection is greatly needed. Moreover, the government can search private citizens data without warrant or cause. Also, companies are not only collecting internet user data but also selling it. The companies and agencies who commit such crimes should be fined or either closed down. In closing, the privacy and security of individuals on the internet should be upheld by the United States government.


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