The Importance Of Internet Tracking

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“Human beings are not meant to lose their anonymity and privacy,” Sarah Chalke. When using the web, web users’ information tend to be easily accessible to government officials or hackers. In Nicholas Carr’s “Tracking Is an Assault on Liberty,” Jim Harpers’ “Web Users Get As Much As They Give,” and Lori Andrews “Facebook is Using You” the topic of internet tracking stirred up many mixed views; however, some form of compromise can be reached on this issue, laws that enforces companies to inform the public on what personal information is being taken, creating advisements on social media about how web users can be more cautious to what kind of information they give out online, enabling your privacy settings and programs, eliminating weblining,…show more content…
Weblining is tracking web user’s information when using the internet, the information that is taken is then used to try to sell items to the user. Carr informs readers on how weblining works: “Already, advertisers are able to infer extremely personal details about people by monitoring their Web-browsing habits. They can then use that knowledge to create ad campaigns customized to particular individuals” (541). This is a method companies use to get their products seen. For example, when one is researching for the latest weight loss product, when that individual goes on another web site they will notice tons of ads about weight loss programs and products. Although this may seem like a great thing because these ads make the individual to research more about the products however, weblining can have a negative outcome. Andrews explain to readers that just because of your race, zip code and the web pages you visit you can: “You might be refused health insurance based on a Google search you did about a medical condition. You might be shown a credit card with a lower credit limit, not because of your credit history, but because of your race, sex or ZIP code or the types of Web sites you visit” (553). Andrews remind readers that weblining takes away opportunities and privileges simply because of the color of your skin, where you live, and what you research

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