Cyber Crimes

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In today’s day and age there are many ways to commit crimes. A few of the many ways to commit crimes is electronically with Tablets, computers and other such instruments which is called Cyber Crimes. Cyber crimes are very easy to commit with all the technology available to kids and adults alike but with that said there is varying ways to commit them and some are committed by accident or are very miniscule. Cyber crimes are crimes such as stealing or posing as someone by taking their information such as bank security pins, social security numbers, and Id's. By doing this some people open themselves up to being traced back which is what the police use to backtrack and trace the signal to the person who committed the crime. With the people trying to catch the perpetrators it all comes at a price and it’s not cheap.

With today’s technology a lot of people get their different accounts stolen anywhere from bank accounts to gaming accounts. The accounts stolen sometime mean nothing but starting something so simple over again, but sometimes accounts (such as bank accounts) are stolen and drained which is a complete set back and is nearly impossible to recover from without help. In 2012 over 431 Million people experienced some kind of cyber crime worldwide. Out ...

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...level with their own punishment. The ranges of cyber crimes are very large and can be prevented on some levels but to try and protect on all levels would be to pain staking.

In conclusion to all the cyber crimes committed one in every three are fatal to the recipient. One in every six cyber crimes are stopped before they even happen. When People commit crimes you can take steps to prevent being a victim. The best way to do so is by getting anti virus

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