Personal Experience: Subjects in Which I Have Excelled

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The subjects I excel in are math and science. Every since I was adolescent, I have always had a keen sense of numbers. This undoubtedly helped a lot with the variety of science classes that utilize math skills. Science, though, is, without a doubt, the subject I excel in the most, and I have my extraordinary great-grandmother to thank for that. Around when I was eight, I found out my great-grandmother had cancer which was gradually making her health decline. Eventually the cancer had spread to her legs and within a time span of a year, she had become a double amputee. Being so close to my great-grandmother, this hit me hard, but I felt no sorrow because I knew she was a strong woman, and, being naive at that age, I hadn't thought this event truly changed her. She was still the same loving, caring, and nourishing great-grandmother that I had known all my life. It wasn't until one day when I spent the night over my great-grandmother’s house that I had heard something out of the ordinary. I heard my great-grandmother groan. This was unusual because I had never heard the sound of pain...
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