Personal Statement Essay: My Passion For Accounting

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Every day, many people question my passion for pursuing accounting as a profession and the first answer I think of is that I am good with numbers. However, advancing in the field has made me realize that my passion is not only based on figures. Growing up as a kid, I was privileged to have a piggy account where I would save as little as fifty cents per week. Since my parents rewarded me in monetary value as a positive reinforcement in cases of good behaviour, I was motivated to maintain good manners so long as my savings increased. As time went by, I realized I had saved way “too much” money for a little child. The challenge came in the management of the funds because I was focused on spending more on pleasurable activities. However, the guidance of my parents enabled me to prioritize on the more important things and save more. I took interest in managing may own account as a child and even pursued accounting courses in high school. The interest grew deeper because I gained more insight on the facts about accounting and the career. Also, I believed that it is career that one would be self-employed thereby avoiding the dilemmas of lacking jobs after graduating. For instance, one would easily start their own business and manage their finances comfortably. Requirement…show more content…
The career requirements vary from school to school. Although accounting education majorly requires an extreme concentration on Mathematics, business, economics, and finance (Nobes). Every profession has a set of standards that must be achieved educationally. Since I plan to shift and complete the program at Kennesaw State University, there are specific needs to enter the school. For instance, a letter of application with at least three references, a letter of good character from the home institution, and past academic transcripts from the previous institutions (Kennesaw State

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