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1181 words

What are you passionate about? Passion for Family, Community, Business, Technology and Intellectual growth are what motivate me on the daily basis. These are vital parts that have contributed to framing me into the person I’ve become. They have also shaped my short-term and long-term goals in life. It’s critical for one to have a vision for their life and what they anticipate to accomplish. Without a vision or desire there is no hope for one to continue and to purse anything. My experiences with in my passions have helped me aligned my vision for my life. They have given me the valuable knowledge that have set me up for success to get to this point in life. Family and community have both been instrumental in my drive to pursue more out of …show more content…

One of my mentors was able to show me life outside of poverty. They showed me doors of possibilities and started a fire in my heart that would set a blaze of zeal. Going from a life of no direction or goals to having a vision for my life and wanting to purse a better life for my future has done a lot for me. It’s important to help everyone in their current situation because you never know what the outcome will be for that individual. Not everyone has the ability and drive to get out of their current situation. Sometime people don’t want to change from their current situation. For me it was simple I wanted more for myself, I’m glad I made the choice to do something about it. It’s had a lasting effect on my life. My wife and two girls will never know poverty because of my life decision that I made. Making sure I got out of that environment and wanting something better in …show more content…

My ambitiousness and networking opened the doors for me to work at Dell computers after graduating from high school. This was a match made in heaven because my love for technology and business would be brought together. I was able to thrive in this environment due to effectiveness communicating and ability to build rapport with customers and co-workers. I quickly exceled into a leadership role and started different incentives with in my organization. Working for a Global end to end IT Solution Company has allowed me the ability to work on different projects and different people all over the world. Because of my problem solving analytics I have overseen multimillion dollar contracts with the Federal Government agencies. Working with several DoD and Civilian agencies has allowed to experience real life business IT issues. It’s amazing that I have a helping hand in protecting our country and helping our country run more effectively. Creating solutions that work effectively takes lots of time and effort also lots of learning. Learning has inspired me to continue my education, it would make me more successful at my current job and show my daughters that education is important. I believe the University Of Texas at Austin is the right path to challenge myself further. Taking real life IT experience into the class room will also enable me to be a better classmate.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that passions for family, community, business, technology, and intellectual growth are what motivate them daily. they have contributed to framing them into the person they've become.
  • Explains that their family and community helped shape their core values and principles. growing up was difficult without a male role model in their life, and it wasn't until high school that they broke from the poverty stricken, negative mentality.
  • Explains that their community provided them with the leadership and direction that they needed in order to get on the right track. their mentors showed them doors of possibilities and started a fire in their heart.
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