Personal Essay And Personal Experience

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A very harsh and personal experience that I have recently gone through was the fact that I am 18 and in the tenth grade, they held me back for a second time. I thought I was never going to make it..
To begin with, when I first came to Florida from Puerto Rico. I was about seven years old, I was starting the 1st grade, I did not know any English what’s so ever, the only thing I possibly knew was hi and bye. After a couple months of being in school I did not understand anything nor knew English. They retained me because they thought if they would have move me up I will have a lot of difficulties, which was true, I didn’t know anything. After that year, I started learning more English and school started making sense to me. I now know fluent English and Spanish, but yet I still do struggle a lot, Elementary school wasn’t all that easy throughout it all. My parents were always working, my mother did not know any English and my oldest brother was dealing with the same thing. The only one that knew English was my father, but he was always busy working. After years went by it all started making sense.
To add on, my middle school years were not all that great I still struggled not as much as before, I went to torturing, before and after
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And there’s also not as many people, everyone worries about themselves you don’t really have to worry about anyone because everyone already knows who you are. In conclusion, my personal experience with school was nothing like I had expected, school was challenging to me, and a lot of things did not make sense, but through the years a lot of things have made sense.. school has become a lot easier and hopefully I graduate this
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