Four Types Of Parenting Styles

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Most parents today want the best for their child or children, but there are many different parenting styles that a parent can have. There are four types of styles that I know of that are more common and they include authoritative parenting, authoritarian parenting, indulgent parenting, and neglectful parenting.
Adolescence is a period of development where changes like physical, psychological, and emotional take place. Parenting styles adopted by their parents have a lot of influence during this period which could affect their resilience. Resilience is the ability of an individual to come out of an adverse situation. The style of interactions of parents with their children is very important in the development of adolescents. Parental competence,
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These types of parents are the ones that teach their children to be independent while also controlling their actions. They also teach them how to regulate their feelings while understanding how their children are feeling. Parents are also forgiving and also help their children find solutions to solve their problems. They will still punish their children, but it’s not a violet punishment.
Another type of parenting style is authoritarian parenting, which is demanding but not responsive. This is a more restrictive, heavy punishment parenting style that the parents, their children to follow their rules with no communication between them. They will not explain why the rules are set that way and the limits. It has been said that parents who use this parenting style are unresponsive to their child’s emotional needs and they tend to show a low social ability towards others since their parents prevent them from making choices of their
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People say, “No one is born knowing how to be a parent, but it’s a process that everyone has to go through in life as they grow older and have children.” We have to do it from the style of parents that we choose who to be, not what someone else picks for us or shows us how to do.
There are many reasons why people should go through all the parenting styles, not just these four, but they should go through them to think about the outcome it could have on their children. Since all parents want what’s best for their children a more controlling household tend to raise their children with less self-confidence, social development is off and a fear of self-expression. While these parents that have a more relaxed household tend to encourage social interactions and

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