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3.3 There are multitudes of issues that arise during the fifth stage of parenting or the volcano dweller stage, the way these issues are handled is instrumental in the relationship you will have with your child. Several of these parenting issues will be discussed in this paper. Support will be given for managing these challenges as they occur. Solutions and practical advice for the scenarios present in the paper will be examined. Teen years are formable years where children are often seeking to be more independent and have the respect of their parents and peers. Equally balancing the infrastructure of being a supportive parent and allowing your teen a healthy dose of freedom, is a tricky and tedious act. Balance must be struck to maintain your authority as a parent for their safety and wellbeing as well as the fact that you are overall still responsible for them. At this stage in parenting, regardless of whether perfect groundwork was laid during all other stages leading to this point, conflict and disagreements are ultimately inevitable. Even if healthy communication has been established between parent and child these scenes will still play out. Teenagers are going through many physical and chemical changes in their bodies which cause them to react as though they were on emotional…show more content…
For example, tasks around the house, having to face the idea that they will be venturing out on their own soon, challenges at school and peer pressure. As a parent one must be a role model for their teens. Model for your teen a healthy example of how to deal with stress, for instance do not freak out when something does not go your way. When you are stressed about something show your teen that it is possible to stay calm and deal with the situation. This includes those times when you are having a confrontation with your teen. (Palo Alto Medical Foundation,

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