Teen Delinquency: The Consequences And Effects Of Teen Pregnancy

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Early teen pregnancy can cause damage within the body and stress amongst young teens.
Teen sex leads to teen pregnancy early teen pregnancy is very common worldwide. I strongly disagree with this activity because although teen pregnancy leads to many consequences, it’s also very harmful on their bodies, and most teen parents don’t have the right financial support.
Oddly enough, though some may disagree, teen pregnancy may had some surprising benefits for young mothers. For girls from the poorest neighborhoods becoming a mama during the teen years may actually help said teen girls choose a path that veers away from delinquency and drugs (Ophilia). Teen pregnancy is one serious consequence of early initiation of sexual activity (Fitz-gibbon).
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Being a parent at an early age makes lives of those teens and also their parents a struggle. Dreams of a great future goes down the drain and saving money for clothes and those one shoes you wanted, does also. Most parents already realize what all comes with taking care of a baby by experience however, when their child becomes pregnant as a teen, life is filled with so much disappointment. Expenses of a baby are extremely high and many of the parents of the pregnant teens have to help financially. The average cost of caring for a child in its first year of life is $10,158 (Rivera). When taking care of a baby you have to deal with the cost of formula, baby wipes, diapers, clothing and housing plus the things you need to take care of yourself comfortably adds up, which pregnant teens than rely on their parents for their assistance to take care of the baby. Than the parents who can’t afford another responsibility began to stress witch than stresses out the teens. Two out of three teen mothers never graduate from high school. Education is extremely important and without one, many teens will not get far. Without and education, it’s harder to get a job that will pay what is needed to support a family. According to many a baby born now will cost a middle-class family $170,460 to raise through age 17. Many teens are not in the right place in their career, if they…show more content…
Teens wouldn’t be able to do such things like shopping and other hobbies if they are providing for someone other than themselves. A teen are not able to handle financial pressure to take care of a child of their own. I honestly can say that teenagers are still children themselves and are not ready for the mother/father lifestyle, so they should make an effort by avoiding that
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