Parenting Style

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There has been much debate about the parenting style called “Free Range parenting.” It allows children to make decisions with minimal parental interference. There were two different articles I read “Kids’ Solo Playtime Unleashes ‘Free-Range’ Parenting Debate”, written by Jennifer Ludden and published February 18th, 2015 and “Maryland family under investigation for letting their kid’s walk home alone.” I do not agree with either of these two articles and do not agree with this parenting style. Children need structure. It is a parent’s job to instill structure and rules in their child. Although we need to raise independent children, the life skills taught to children are more important than any style of parenting. Teaching children unconditional love, time management and the proper attitudes, and skills, children grow up confident and feel loved. There are a lot of children that fall through the cracks of the social welfare department. Because of this new parenting style, there have been concerns about the children and the children’s welfare. We cannot assume that parents are adequate caregivers, and the children are mature enough to watch themselves. Law enforcement has been called for this new parenting style for the parent’s leaving their children unattended; …show more content…

I trust my children; however, I do not trust other people. My concern as a parent is what if someone else injures my children; while I am not around,.There is a parenting technique called, “Helicopter Parenting” this would be the one parenting style I would choose. It mainly is the parenting technique that parents are supervising their children at all times. Parents pay extremely close attention to their child’s problems and experiences. I want to pay close attention to my children as a parent. I love my children; I want to be involved with what they’re doing and who they 're doing it with every

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