Obtaining my Master of Arts in Counseling

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My career goal is to help youth find a career path that they love and want to pursue for a lifetime. I believe that a Master of Arts in Counseling would help me to facilitate this goal. A person’s career is such a part of an individual’s identity, in my opinion; it should be commonplace for individuals to begin exploring career paths in early childhood. A degree in Counseling with a School emphasis would allow me to work in the school system to help students begin to explore their employable interests.

I choose Regent to continue my education after exploring graduate schools in my senior year of college. I spoke with several students that were in CACREP accredited programs. Almost every student and professional that I spoke to agreed that there was something special about Regent students. Regent offered the courses that I was interested in while allowing a spiritual outlet. I’m very interested in attending a university that offers worship service. As a perspective student that has attended both Christian schools and secular school, I’m eager to return to the Christian setting.

My current job, my academic self reflection, and my passion for helping youth to find their employment vision prepares me to be successful in the Master of Arts in Counseling program. I did very well once I identified the right program for me in undergraduate school. In my last few semesters of undergraduate school I developed strong study habits and even finished my last semester earning Dean’s List.
My greatest professional experience that has demonstrated my ability to succeed in this program would be attributed to my roles as a Student Employment Coordinator. Within this role, I work to help students explore various career paths and what...

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... to accomplish my own personal career goals, the program that aligns more with my needs would is the Counseling Program with an emphasis in School Age. I choose School Counselor because I love to work with youth and I love to see people succeed; however, it’s not my goal to “fix” anyone.

I have spent 3 years researching both myself and a numerous other programs. The program that I found to be the best fit for me is the Master of Arts in Counseling program with Regent University. I have explored this program by not only reading the various course descriptions, but also by meeting with the faculty and sitting in on a conference lecture presented by the opportunity during the Southern Association for College Student Affairs Conference. It would be a sincere honor to enter into the Master of Arts in Counseling program and I do hope to hear from you soon.
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