Nursing Career Essay: A Career As A Nurse

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The only limits in life are the ones you make. Therefore, it is important to defy them and allow myself to live a bigger life and step into the role of I am meant to be. I love being a nurse. Nursing has done a great job in bringing out the best qualities in me that I thought did not exists: empathy, intuition, creativity, passion and the desire to learn throughout my career. As a registered nurse at an acute hospital, I know that nursing is more than the basic science behind the illness. It’s about human connection. I have many memorable interactions with some truly inspirational individuals, who I have encountered in my journey as a nurse, who ended up teaching me valuable lessons in life and have inspired me to grow into the best version…show more content…
Becoming a nurse practitioner will grant me the autonomy of leading the care of my patients while simultaneously have the ability to seek out the guidance of the physicians when needed. I will be able to broaden my scope of medical practice while still applying my principles of nursing to patient care. I want to be the best skilled, most competent and empathetic nurse simply because I want to bring the safest and highest quality of care to my patients. More often than not, patients voice out that no one listens to them, not even their own doctors. This concern further inspires me to become a nurse practitioner that will provide quality care by understanding my patient as a person. Upon completion of my master’s degree in nursing and my licensure exam, I plan to work as an FNP in one of the ambulatory clinic at the community I grew up in. I wish to become an active member of society. I want to help improve the distribution of health services to undeserved populations. I want to teach and educate individuals the importance of healthy choices and disease prevention, in addition to helping them during their period of acute
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