Case Study Of Nike Sports Shoes

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The aim of this project is to highlight the product by considering the objectives of marketing and communication. Sports shoes are the most common shoes used as regular basis. These kinds of shoes are meant for running, exercise, walking .Sports shoes are commonly known as: running shoes and athletic shoes. Due to a great competition in the market of Sports shoes, Marketers are providing modified sports shoes as per requirements of customers.

This project concentrates on the Nike Sports shoe; Nike is one of most significant shoe manufacturing company worldwide. Sportswear manufactured by Nike is known for quality and is most liked brand of athletes. (Daniel, 2011)
The features of the shoes say everything. Sportswear by
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For this different scientist test theories and conduct experiment for better product (DesignBoom, 2014).

Nike American Sportswear generated revenue of 7495 million US dollars in 2014, which was almost double of 2009 revenue of Nike Sportswear (Statista, 2015).The sales of (Athletic) Sportswear of Nike 90 million US dollars, however, the sale of Adidas Sportswear (Competitor of Nike) was 25 million US dollars, which was not even one third of Nike Sportswear sales (Statista, 2015).Nonetheless, the return on assets and equity are 13.41% and 26.43% respectively (Yahoo Finanace, 2015).

There are 5 stages of consumer decision making process that are: need recognition; information search; evaluation of alternatives; purchase decision; post-purchase behavior (Perreau, 2014). I believe that message should be delivered in between need recognition and information search, because at these steps consumer is thinking to buy a product and he/she is looking for product as per wants and needs. The reasons for customer attraction for Nike sportswear
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Nike promotes their sportswear in such a way that their communication objective can easily be achieved. Nike uses following way to interact with their current and new customers:
• By means of renowned spokespersons, for instance using top athletes, protagonist in their commercials
• By portraying artistic (in terms of inspiration) stories
• By building sentimental relations between the viewer and the illustrated person
• By exciting the observer directly (MichaelSam85, 2011)
Nike recruits brand ambassadors from different parts of the world who top in athletes and who are having a good following in the public, which helps them to reach the audience that influences them to purchase the Nike sportswear. (MichaelSam85, 2011)
This is the best way by which Nike has used to convey its significance, because the target audience appreciates and relates to their idols. Nike uses inspirational stories that are related to sports and fitness to build its communication. They use pictures or verbally transmitted to deliver their story. Nike main aim is to broadcast as excitement and affection. For this sometimes Nike provides advertisements that are related to emotion that will reach the target audience. Nike use to print advertisement which performs the individualism of women, which helps them to convey
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