Nike Custom Kiosk Marketing Plan

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Nike, Inc. is a well-known American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and worldwide marketing and selling of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and services.( They are a the trademark of their industry and set the bar for most of their competitors. As many already know, Nike is a major sponsor of the athletic programs across the country. These programs range from small to large Universities. Nike provides their products and services, for not only student-athletes, but also students, and fans. Many of these schools offer Nike products within their campus bookstores, and stadium shops. The Nike website offers the same products as these bookstores. The only difference is the website also allows the customer to customize their apparel. This limits Nike’s custom apparel service. ¬¬The Nike Custom Kiosk Marketing Plan will solve this issue, with technology that is existent. Nike has an opportunity to utilize their custom apparel service for students that are already apart of Nike’s target audience. The Marketing Plan allows for Nike to expand their custom apparel service to their affiliated universities, by placing custom apparel kiosks in book stores and stadium shops. These Kiosks can be easily accessed by students who seek to customize a wide range of Nike products with school logos, colors, etc. This kiosk will allow any student to purchase from their university bookstore via credit card or for example, Jacket Express card. The products will then be mailed to their on-campus address or home address (whichever the student chooses). This allows students to purchase their products conveniently. COMPANY OVERVIEW “The company was founded on J... ... middle of paper ... ...e interest targeting capabilities alone can justify Nike Custom Kiosk use of Facebook advertising, and engagement. Content that will be posted on this platform will be targeted towards the target audience. Content will consist of pictures of the endless custom combinations Nike Custom Kiosk has to offer. Also , videos, fan pictures, and Nike-affliated Universities and college collaboration. Using Facebook will allow for this marketing plan to use Nike’s existing presence. It will also utilize its University and college team presence to further create a new following. The real estate of this platform allows for fan and follower engagement. This will allow the plan to achieve its goals and spread the buzz about the new service/product. Although hashtags aren’t popular for Facebook integration across other platforms will be useful for promotion and advertisement.

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