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Marketing Mix (4P’s)
Variety Nike produces a lot of different type of sports equipment. Nike’s focus mainly on their athletic footwear apparels with first being the track running shoes. However, as the time goes by, they started making shirts, jerseys, shorts, and other sports equipment for a wide range of sports. For example: football, tennis, ice hockey, baseball, cricket and more. Quality brand-secondary'>Nike always focuses more on their quality because they think that quality is always the main focus if they want to have a better reputation among the customer. They also know that quality of their product is the main requirement wanted from their customer. Other than that, Nike also thinks that having a good quality product can
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Nike also tried to be as competitive as the other shoes’ retailers with its price settings. Nevertheless, the pricing is still to serve the higher class of customers in the market. The prices of the products are variable depending on the type and the size.
For those resellers who tend to get products from Nike, Nike actually offer those discounts if they order and purchase in larger quantities. This is consider as a beneficial action for both sides, first to let Nike to clear their stocks quickly, second reseller can get the stocks for a lower unit cost with higher profits and consumer can get the products in a cheaper price from the reseller.
Advertising Nike mainly rely on finding new locations for their retail stores and to further assist in their sales, they have their advertisements in the newspapers and also making new collaboration with the other companies. With the above efforts, Nike has made themselves to be one of the biggest sports equipment producer brand in the world.
Sales promotion & Public

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