Nike: The Power of Exploitation

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Nike: The Power of Exploitation



A. Nike Described + Thesis:

Many people can prove that Nike is a company 1

that continues to push the boundaries of design

and performance, promoting freedom and choice,

but these same people leave out the obvious facts

that show how this company exploits third world

countries by using cheap labor.

II. History of Nike Inc.

A. Founders

B. Co-founding business 2

C. Business Success 3

III. Anti-Nike

A. Cheap labor 4

B. Definition of sweatshops 5

C. Locations of sweatshops 6

D. Working conditions 7-8

IV. Nike Defended

A. Ruined reputation 9-11

B. Target of organizational protests 12-13

C. Significant progress 14

V. Conclusion 15


We all know the slogan, "Just Do It," that Nike developed to sell its products. But just do what?

Nike is a company-- young and yet mature--developed and respected by popular athletes both past and present, whose icon remains a "swoosh" printed both large and small on many different forms of apparel. The "swoosh" constitutes a dream of being the best bec...

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