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Self-Evaluation Journal By definition race is someone of different color, creed, or nationality; at least that is what I learned as a child. Growing up with my parents was very confusing; my mother wanted to act as if she was not racist and was one of those parents that encouraged me to be friend with people of the opposite race. My father on the other hand is from the Midwest; the only exposure he had to the opposite race was when he moved from Nebraska to Missouri and went to school with one black family. To hear him tell it they were not like “those other black people”. To my confusion my best friend growing up was a black boy Jonathan Berry, my mom encouraged this friendship and my dad would have had a heart attack if he ever found out. Good thing my parents divorced when I was four, either way, Jon and I use to talk on the phone…show more content…
I try not to allow my personal beliefs or values to interfere with my career or counseling abilities. I have learned over the past 10 years how to remove my own thoughts and feelings from my work. I refuse to read case files before meeting a client to ensure that I am not affected by someone else’s opinion, because really that is all that it is some else’s opinion. I also do not attempt to make friends at work; honestly, your co-workers are not your friends. They are your co-workers and chances are they will not be there for you if something happens. Now do not get me wrong I am friendly, I just do not share anything personal with them. However, with my client’s I am much more open and genuine, regardless of race, creed, education, social standing, or anything else. As I stated in the beginning racism deals with a dislike of someone’s race, creed, ethnicity, or any other identifiable thing. Nevertheless, in reality racism is prejudice and having the power to do something about it. I certainly do not have the power to do anything about it nor the
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