My Nursing Philosophy: My Philosophy And Philosophy Of Nursing

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My Nursing Philosophy The purpose of this paper is to bring forth my thoughts on the nursing profession and the share the philosophy I feel will guide me through my career as a nurse. In order to properly understand how I came to the decision that nursing was a viable and stimulating path for me to follow, it is important to know a little about me.
Growing up, I spent an inordinate amount of time in the emergency room, much to the chagrin of my parents. Between the ages of three and five, I managed to break my left arm once, warranting a cast to my shoulder, and my right arm twice, warranting a nicely rehearsed routine of wrapping my arm in a bubble cast and heading to Good Sam’s. Young me flitted from job to job, not knowing quite what would catch her attention long enough to warrant a viable career. My interests are broad in range including the wonderful world of books and various interests in the arts. Between fourth and seventh grade, I attended a performing arts school with
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Lexington, Kentucky was a city that provided me a childhood of sunshine and kind, encouraging people. Precisely the moment they would allow, I was working in the nursery at church. Working with people is something that is important to me. Helping people is something that God has put on my heart. With these attributes in mind, I went forth to study at the Medical Applications in Science and Health summer program at LECOM and volunteer at UPMC Hamot during high school. After examining bodies in the cadaver lab, and walking the floor with cancer patients, I was led to the conclusion that nursing was an excellent choice. Nursing provides many options for further education, as well as the opportunity to improve the lives of others. Being a nurse means improving the lives of others in a meaningful way by caring for patients and giving them the best possible environment to reach optimal