Nursing Philosophy In Nursing

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Nursing is considered one of the most trusted professions in the world. It is an essential part in the caregiving of sick, injured, and even healthy individuals. Developing a philosophy with any profession is the beginning basis of any practice. The nursing philosophy is usually incorporated from the science of nursing. That is because the field of health care is constantly changing, which causes the need of better competence in the health field of providing caring (Flagg, 2015). With nursing it starts by the science behind it. Then along with knowledge and experiences, that is when the nursing philosophy is developed. Researching differences between new ideas and cultural differences can then expand the viewpoint into a bigger picture.…show more content…
In order to do that the nurse has to be able to incorporate all aspects of nursing into the care. Whether it is caring for physical, cognitive, mental, social, or cultural problems the nursing science and philosophy should always be implemented in the same manor or basis. It is important to understand that these factors can theoretically continue to impact the development of science, including nursing science (Daiski, 2016). It is essential to incorporate all the central concerns of nursing into the nursing practice to be able to provide the necessary care. Daiski stated that it is demonstrated by the four-metaparadigm concepts, which are human being, health, environment, and nursing. It then contains a philosophy based on social justice, so that we are able to comprehend the complications of the narratives our patients tell us so that we are more prone to holistically understand their journeys (Daiski,…show more content…
Taking everything in and questioning it gives a more well rounded and in depth knowledge to base each philosophy off of. The main purpose is to care for the individual and I believe holistic approach is a good way to do so. Holistic nursing places emphasis on both the environment and treatment of the patient to include patient’s uniqueness as human beings along with their cultural views, values, and beliefs. (Flagg, 2015). Nursing can be very broad. It is goal oriented to each patient so that his or her individual health needs are met. Some patients could benefit tremendously just by taking them outside to get fresh air or by just sitting down to talk to

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