My Career History Is Limited

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My career history is limited because I’ve only work for two companies. When I was in high school I decide that it was time for me to start making my own money because I would be starting junior college and would need to money to help. I decide that I would get a job a local retail store because it would allow me to work on the days that I was not in school. Retail work allowed me to work on my people skills and start to learn how to communicate with customers in a positive manner. I work for the retail store for 5 years before I decide to leave. I grew to point when I knew that the job was no longer meeting my needs and making me unhappy. I talked with a few of classmates about my unhappiness and most influenced me to put myself first before the job. I decide that it would be best to part way on good terms and take some time for myself so that I could finish my bachelor’s degree then seek employment. I look back on the decision I made and I am grateful that I took a few months to just focus on school and then take my time to get a job that I felt would best suit my needs. I did want to get a job to just a job because I needed to get my bills paid. I wanted a job where I would be able to use the skills I had developed and learned with people. One of my final classes that I took at Brandman University prior to completing my bachelor’s degree was Substance Abuse class and we got to tour a local rehab center to give us an idea of what a treatment center looks like. During this visit I knew that I wanted to work at that rehab because it felt like such a wonderful place to work. Shortly after leaving that tour of the rehab, I spoke with the professors about getting a job a there. He gave me advice on what I needed to do an in within a ... ... middle of paper ... me that this would be a good career move for me. I luckily got the job as an Admission counselor which provided me better hours and allowed for me to go back to school so that I could get my master’s degree. Working as an admission counselor allowed for me to take what I learned while working with the patients on the hall and channel that into helping them come into treatment. This career has allowed me to take all of the skills that I have developed and challenges them and made me better. This job has help improve my communications skills which improves all aspects of my life including my career. This career has also allowed me to also take what I have learned during my master’s degree and use it over the phone. We get calls were clients and family members are really struggling and I am able to help give me an ear to listen to and also support with some options.
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