Importance of History

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Have you ever wondered why schools teach history? History is a subject that educates students about past events. Usually, history is a mandatory subject you take in elementary school, middle school, and optional during high school. Many students usually ponder to themselves, why do I have to learn history? The main reasons history is essential, because it helps us develop judgment in global issues by understanding past behavior of people and societies, it assists us in making appropriate decisions, it helps us form vital skills necessary for good citizenship, and it inspires us. First of all, history has importance in society for the reason that it gives us an intuition on worldly disputes by getting an understanding of earlier attitudes of people and societies. It provides us an excellent understanding of societies through exposing important events that happened to that society. By exposing important events, people will have an understanding of the events that has caused this certain society to act like this. However, without this understanding, you might offend someone, or mak...

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