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In the essay of Mr.Gary Soto, Like Mexicans, we learn about his experiences about falling in love with someone of a different race.Gary’s grandmother would always proclaim: “... the virtues of marrying a Mexican girl: first, she could cook,second, she acted like a woman” (pp.219). Being conditioned into the notion that all Mexican women have been trained to be proper women, Mr. Soto set out on finding his brown eyed girl; however, what love had quite a different plan. As He explains, “ But the woman I married was not Mexican but Japanese” (pp.220). Though he searched to find his Mexican wife, fate had other plans for him. This paper will cover three different themes Gary’s essay: The tone, the mindset of the characters, and the overall message of the piece. First off, the tone of this essay was a humorous one a bit of self-doubt added in. In his essay, Gary Soto seems to look back on his memory with great esteem however. A good example of his comical side was:“The wallpaper was bubbled from the rain that has come in…show more content…
Gary Soto’s essay, we observed the tone of the piece was a warm-hearted piece with a dash of humor in between. Being a slice-of-life piece, using such techniques is needed to keep the audience attention long to teach a moral. There is also a certain mindset around this time period that mixing races seem to be abnormal. Such an idea is so prominent in human nature for some reason to separate us from truly understand each other; this is a depressing thought but this piece shows us it can be changed. Finally, the core message of his essay was to show anyone can find a personal link with each other. Races can be different as night to day; however, that doesn 't mean we cannot find the beauty and even connections between us. So the tone is easy to understand, this belief of one race is better of others is a common mindset of the time, and despite of Mr. Soto’s and Carolyn differences he found comfort with his wife and her

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