Compare And Contrast Two Cultures

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Every culture has several similarities and differences that impact the way they do things. Several of these cultures have distinct traits and traditions that make them differently from other cultures. I believe these differences make each culture different and unique. The two cultures that I have chosen to compare and contrast with each other is Kenya and India. In this paper I will discuss the similarities and differences in each of the culture’s families in context, marital relationships, and families and aging. These are important aspects of these cultures and to examine them will give me a better knowledge of both of these cultures. In Kenya, it is comprised of several different groups that are distinct ethno-linguistic. Over several decades, Kenya has evolved both biologically and culturally. This culture has a great diversity of customs and family patterns. To understand the families in Kenya, it is also important to understand their culture backgrounds and where they come from. Family has a high value in this culture and is considered the center of community life. The children here hold an upmost importance because it can be considered an economic advantage having more children and also wives too. It is common here for families to have eight or more children because there was a …show more content…

Over time, there have been several aspects that have influenced these cultures and made them unique in their own ways. I believe the traditions and values that each culture holds is important when trying to learn and understand each. The cultures in Kenya and India share similarities and differences among families in context, marital relationships, and families and aging. These are all equally important to understand because this is the underlying beliefs and values these cultures have toward these life events the families may

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