Mother Day: Selfless Love For A Mother's Day

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A mother’s love for her child is the epitome of selfless love and devotion. From the moment the child arrives into the world, a mother has an instinctive understanding of her newborn’s needs. This unrelenting focus continues, as the years pass and the child becomes an adult, with little or no expectation of anything in return. Some might even say that a mother’s job is never ending and the most unrewarded in the world.
Therefore, it is only fitting that we have a special day known as Mother’s Day, to thank our mothers for all their love and support, and to recognise the sacrifices they have made.
Mother’s Day celebrations across cultures and time
Mother’s Day is today celebrated with great joy in many countries across the globe. Most countries mark the occasion on the second Sunday of May, while others celebrate it at different times in the year depending on local traditions.
Although the present day Mother’s Day celebrations are a relatively new phenomenon, throughout history there have been festivals commemorating the spirit of motherly love. Starting with the ancient Greeks and Romans who had annual spring festivals dedicated to their goddesses, to early Christians who held an annual celebration in dedication of Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. Until the 19th century, ‘Mothering Sunday’ was celebrated in England with children gifting flowers and gifts to their mothers.
The Mother’s Day celebrations as we know it is thanks to an American by the name of Anna Jarvis. She lobbied long and hard with the US government for dedicating a day to all mothers. She succeeded finally in 1911 and Mother’s Day has grown in popularity ever since.
Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
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