Descriptive Essay About My Mother

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Has anyone ever asked you: “Who is most important to you”? To me the most wonderful mother in my life, no one can replace her in my heart. My mother, who is very nice and gentle, helps me and has always been there for me when I need her. My mother loves me very much. She is strict and educated me to become a good person. I can’t say how much love her. I am grateful to her because she gave me birth, brings me love and helped me grow up. But you know she just takes care of me a lot. Every day she tells me the same words. If you were me, you would feel very tired. I am a very happy child having my mother. I feel too tired to listen to her words, but imagine one day I don’t see her any longer and listen to her voice. What would I feel?
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My mother afraid of I was tired, she made me fast food and take an orange juice for me drink. Perhaps when people did not know the maternal typeface has shown enough full, shimmering like moonlight. Now on all communication media, art, mother image even more honored but it was never enough to speak of sacrifice and love of my mother for me. Also had repeatedly faulted, after her mother’s stern look, I still get a part on by the tips rustic. Each time, seems to me more mature and made a promise to never mistake again. Now, when I grows up, I will promise to mother to live well to able to reciprocate the thanks she taught me.
My mother was not only worry and take care of me, she always by my side when I need her help. I felt sad, my mother always by my side to talk and to console. While I am glad, my mother is always been there to share and listen to me. When I failed to do something, my mother who was gave me advices. She has always supported me in all my choices. She tried to make me strong people with independent minds. I looks to her in hopes that someday I will be as happy, as strong and as well as
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