A Short Story: Mother's Day

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“Alright children, tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Have you all thought of what you are going to do for your mother?” the female sensei with long black and curly hair asked. All 36 students of hers nodded and yelled, except one. Little [S/N] sulk his head to his chest. He totally forgot about mother’s day and he hasn 't even started his present. Matter of fact, didn’t even plan anything. Nothing. Zip. “If you still didn’t get to it, you better start now! Class is dismissed early.” The kids was pleased to hear that they didn’t have to do any rigorous and stupid training today. They all can relax. As the teacher gathered their messy homework that they all left on her desk, she shoved the stack of paper into her bag. Pushing her glasses upward, “You…show more content…
“Of course, mommy is free. Mommy is always free. What do you want?” “Okay!” Without answering his mother’s question, he ran to his room. “What’s the big deal?” [F/N] whispers. She shrugged it off and continues to make her lunch, this time, knowing that [S/N] was a bit early from usual, she made extra of her midday meal. While [F/N] continues to prepare her family’s lunch, [S/N] was counting his money to see if he had enough to take his mom out for a date. “$36.10….I wonder if that’s enough for a date.” he thought. [S/N] recounted again just in case he missed a dollar or so. Once it was confirm that he had exactly $36.10, he went to search for more money in his messy room. It took exactly one hour when his mother came in with a worried face. “[S/N]?” she creep in. “What’s all the ruckus?” [S/N] was too focusing into finding money in his dirty laundry. “Is there money in here?” checking his blue pants pockets. Later, he threw away his blue pants and checked his black pants. Looking into every pocket the black pants had, he stumbles upon a crimple dollar. “YAY! An extra dollar!” he
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